2nd Edition, Published by Asymmetrical Press


It’s the official release for the new edition of Smashing Laptops, now published by Asymmetrical Press. This version has a brand new face, a subtle editing paint job, and even a little extra content. The cost has dropped, the clouds have parted… I only wish I was back on the road. Hey, it’s just a book, but maybe you want to read it? Reading is still a thing that people do.

Pick up the book on Amazon in print or kindle versions.

You can read free excerpts from the novel at smashinglaptops.joshwagner.org



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Now Available to Order!

Smashing Laptops

Get the paperback on Amazon

Or order on Kindle or Nook.

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Release Party

The release party has been scheduled for 11/11/11 at Zoo City Apparel in Missoula, Montana.

We’ll have live musicians playing throughout the evening. Suggested donation at the door, but if you donate you get a discount off the book.

And yes, we will be smashing a laptop that evening… and the first swing of the pickaxe could be yours!

Doors open at 7pm and we shut down at Midnight.

Hope to see you all there!!


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Coming Soon

“A tumbling, unpredictable and hilarious guide for anyone seeking the way back home again.”  –David Allan Cates; Author of X Out of Wonderland



Pregnant Virgins, Apostate Spatulas, and Gnostic Magic.

Art, Booze and Oblivion.

Sex, Romance, and Fly Fishing.

….and of course, the Laptops will need Smashing.




Coming November 11, 2011

Cover and Photography by Marshall Hibbard

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